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In this day and age, getting the best skin care for men means caring about yourself more than being vain. It’s all about your health, hygiene and total wellbeing. You want to face every day with the best version of you, from top to bottom, inside and out. And that starts with good grooming. So here are some grooming tips every guy should be doing that go beyond just combing your hair and splashing on some cologne or aftershave:

Care for Your Hands

Many men overlook their hands when it comes to good grooming. That shouldn’t be the case. Your hands are the first point of contact, whether shaking hands with a customer or leading a partner to their seat. Keep your nails trimmed with nail scissors. Use a specifically formulated hand soap and moisturiser especially if you do a lot of physical work. Keep a nail brush handy; a nail brush can remove dirt and grime from underneath your nails.

Care for Your Feet

Yes! The neglected pair of feet are often overlooked when it comes to good grooming. The perfect time for you to care for them is after every bath or shower. That’s because it’s the time when the skin is softest. Use a pumice stone to scrub away dead skin and apply a generous amount of body moisturiser after. Then come summer, you can wear your best utilitarian sandals with confidence knowing that your feet look great and won’t be a source of disparagement.

Take Cold Showers

While having a hot shower can be relaxing after a hard day’s work, taking a cold shower has its own benefits as well:

• Reinvigorates the skin – a cold shower immediately reinvigorates the skin, preserving the sebum layer which provides a natural lubricated barrier that protects your skin and hair.

• Increases blood circulation – when your skin comes into contact with cold water, the blood circulation on the surface skin is reduced. As soon as this happens, blood circulates faster in the deeper layers and tissues generating an ideal body temperature that leaves you revitalised.

• Aids in muscle recovery – after every (heavy) workout, a cold shower encourages muscles to relax and repair themselves.

Care for Your Beard

Yes, many men with beards forget to take care of them. You should wash, condition and trim your beard regularly. Wash your beard with a beard wash when bathing or showering. This will leave your beard moisturised and less itchy. Use a beard oil to encourage beard growth and lessen patchy areas. Beard balm will give that sleek sheen to your beard and will keep the hairs in place.

To keep your beard neat and tidy, use beard clippers to maintain the desired length of the beard. You also need to trim your moustache so that your upper lip isn’t covered by the growth.

Apply SPF Daily

Prevention is better than cure. Always. So prevent your skin from aging prematurely by applying SPF daily. Use a moisturising SPF to shield you from UV rays and pollution. When there’s a big activity where you’re exposed to the sun’s rays, coat yourself with sunscreen. Even during winter, or cloudy days, you need to have sunscreen on as UV rays are still active.

When you protect yourself from the sun’s rays, you prevent your skin from wrinkling, leathering and developing spots, and at the same time help prevent skin cancers.

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